Taurus man taurus female compatibility

She is a freedom lover and values her personal space more than anything in the world. But, if the right guy walks in she will never let him go. An Aries woman will be sincere and selfless when she falls in love. The weakness of an Aries woman would mostly be her temper. She is short-tempered and can come out to be a little too impulsive.

She can be impatient and can get into trouble most of the time. Taurus, the Earth sign, ruled by Venus, starts from April 20 and ends on May A Taurus man is stable, patient and highly reliable. If you have known a Taurus man then you must have known about his loyalty and commitment towards you. A Taurus man is loyal. When it comes to love, friendship, work or family, a Taurus man is always devoted. He always helps his friends or family when in need.

He is that one person whom you can rely on. Family means the world to him. Once a friend with a Taurus, you are set to remain his friend for a lifetime, he is worth his loyalty and devotion. A Taurus man is stable.

Taurus ♉ And Taurus ♉ Compatibility, Love and Friendship

They are known for their stability, it is often said people change but if you are a Taurus then you are a steady individual. A Taurus man will also be seen stable in his work. Another word that describes a Taurus man is his 'patience'. You can never find him impatient, they are slow paced.

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You can never see a Taurus rushing over things to get it done. They get things done their way with strong determination. A Taurus man will be sincere and selfless when it comes to love. He will be highly reliable and honest. If you know a Taurus man, he would have had very few past relationships due to the fear of overcoming a break up.

A few of the weakness of a Taurus man include being possessive, overprotective, stubborn and uncompromising. A Taurus man hates insecurity and might not accept change as he expects everything to remain the same. A post shared by rui vilar ruivilargomes on Jun 13, at am PDT. An Aries woman and a Taurus man will be sexually compatible.

A Taurus man would highly appreciate his Aries woman for taking a lead in the bedroom. He would love watching his girl taking things to another level and this one quality of an Aries woman that will attract the Taurus man. An Aries woman considers sex important but a Taurus man is expected to doze off after a tiring day at work, as Taurus men are known for hard work. This might be one issue that the couple faces, as time goes by. A Taurus man will prefer things to remain the same in bed whereas an Aries woman will want to try new things in bed.

There might be little differences in trying out new things in bed between the couple. Finding a way to sort of this problem can help them remain sexually active with one another for a long time. These differences might seem minor but they do need immediate attention when they creep into your relationship. It is important that either of the partners is ready to accept changes in their sex life before it lands in break up.

Apart from these challenges an Aries woman and a Taurus man are expected to be sexually compatible.

The Taurus Man

The love compatibility between an Aries woman and a Taurus man in the initial days can set a spark to their romance. The stability of the Taurus man and the fun, enthusiastic nature of an Aries woman will fire the romance right away. A Taurus man is highly sensual and they need to feel the love with their partner. An Aries woman needs to be patient when she falls in love with a Taurus man to get his love back.

Each bull is willing to show up and do their part to make sex a fulfilling and stabilizing factor in the relationship. All physical needs are looked at as natural which leads to a degree of simple openness which is refreshing. There are two things that are likely to end this relationship. The first is infidelity. The second is fiscal irresponsibility. Taurus is patient and generally contented, but if you cross these two lines you can expect an explosive, unilateral, non-negotiable end to the world as you know it without redress.

Click here for your Free Numerology Reading. The romance was incredible each knew what the other wanted and she would do those amazing motherly-like things for me. Passion was through the roof though we did go through some days of just being normal. Friendship…hmm she was abit like a friend not as much as other zodiacs but her best friend was a guy…whom i was VERY jelous of never once did i say anything about it though.

I refrained from meeting new girls and told her of all the ones that i did know. It takes alot to get us worked up…the breakup was mutual but she moved on before me. Yes, we understand each other perfectly most of the time but his extreme jealousy and our differences about money I save it all and he spends it all causes us to argue, argue, argue.

And neither of us EVER backs down — we just go to opposite corners for a cooling down period only to start up again later. We both have such strong personalities that this is what may be canceling us out — we never want to admit when we are wrong and we never give in just for the fact of not giving in and letting the other have control. I looked at this the day before I went on a first date with a guy who was a Taurus and boy everything this thing said was right. I went on a date with a leo a day before and it was absolutely correct as well even tho the date was a disaster-it forewarned me.

So for me to post that I was shocked that all of what was said was right even eludes me. He was a gentleman, easy going like me so kind yet very willing to satisfy me and vice versa. My first date was excited and yet even laying in his arms left my heart pounding. I hope it works out. I can tell our easy going nature and confidence is understood without asking or telling each other a thing.

A true connection so far. I am seeing a Taurus man and we like each other alot but he does not want to commit. We have been seeing each other for seven months and he does not want to commit but at the same time he does not want me to be with no one else. This is my first experience with a Taurus and I like the challenge. My deceased husband was a Taurus and we were together for a couple of years and then separated for 14 years and reunited. We loved each other to the utmost. Our arguments were screaming to the top of our lungs, but, they only last 4 w minutes and then it was like it never happened.

We both loved beautiful surroundings and beautiful exciting people. We were both party people and comedians. Wei both jealous, but too stubborn to let the other one know. I have been told by men that they love me, but, when my husband said, I believed it.

Taurus Man and Taurus Woman Compatibility

My husband like to give me things and I like satisfy his materialistic nature as well. We also could b happy with a DVD and pizza for several nights. Neither of us expressed out feelings much. I would lay my head on his chest and he knew that it meant that I was happy to be with him. He gave me money for what I wanted and I knew he loved me.

May sound strange, but you are who you are. I lost the greatest love of my life 4yrs ago and no one has or can compare. I love him to death. We seem to strum to the same beat through life. Only problem is we love hard and fight hard. He used to back down in our little squables but now his stubborness is really winning him over. Last one almost made me want to break it off. But how can someone you so much make you want to chop there head off and feed it to the dogs in the next minute. Come to think of it he drove me nuts then too!


Stupid tarsus boys why did I do this to myself again sigh. We met in Feburary and started to go out for few times. Then, ended silently. We were not similar at all. Very confident man, a Leader unlike me as well. Great Personality, Truely. He Just kept asking me many questions, tease me on many things. IT was very fun to be with him.

Very secure no boring moment. Wish i could go further. But i could not. My mind was very much tortured by previous relationships with scorpio, Sag, Aquarius and Gemini. It was just very hard for me to trust men in general at that time. He complimented so much when we were together, and i was almost cry one time.

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  7. But at the same time, his compliments just reminded me of past boyfriends who was the same in the beginning and change their attitudes later. It was not his fault but mine.

    Taurus and Taurus Table of Contents

    So i ended first. After just few times i met him, i became so much brighter, joyful and light hearted. The way he treated me really cured my mind. It was all i wanted.