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After offering it for one and a half year, it did not get the audience needed to justify the cost of providing it for free. The astrology store will remain available for those seeking personalized reports. After several months of tinkering with the algorithm, the Birthday Compatibility project is finally finished! You can learn more about the ninja project here. The scoring algorithm was tested on ,, birthday combinations.

Of course, it includes your birthday. Just enter your birthday above and look for the Love Match section on your Birthday Ninja page. You will know what date you are most compatible with as well as your most incompatible birthday match-up. Have fun! Note: You must be more than 13 years old for the love match score to appear on your birthday page. Try the Birthday Compatibility Ninja with these famous celebrity couples and find out if their relationship will work or not.

You can now listen to the number-one song on your day of birth. Our ninja was working hard in sweeping the music stores about number-one songs on the U. Billboard Hot Our ninja is certain your friends will find it entertaining to listen to their birthday song! The problem was our ninja have to visit several sites such as IMDb and compile all those information manually.


Do it twice, still not a problem. But as time goes by it became annoying if you need to do it several times. That is how this website was born — to become a one-stop website where you can find all those information about a specific date. No need to jump to several sites. Our ninja painstakingly collected all those information and transformed them into a database.

Oct 31 Zodiac

All you have to do now is to give your date of birth, and this nifty little website will tell you everything it knows about that day. Try these quick links for October 9 celebrity birthdays , famous birthdays and birthday events. Try to spot familiar names on those lists. There are fun and fascinating facts about your birthday that you should know. The information is given to you in a question and answer style. Similar terms others are searching for: my day of birth , the day of my birth , the day of the week of my birthday. Or next year if your birthday this year is already over.

This is useful if you are planning to give a birthday party. This website will tell you how many days until your next birthday. It might be a good idea to bookmark your birthday page. The remaining days will be updated daily.

How are Horoscopes Predicted?

You will also get a birthday poster with a different ninja to pose for every day you visit your birthday page. May 18 A couple of them can come as a surprise. Learn where monkeys live, how many different species there are, what they eat, how big they can be and much more. Mike Spohr Trending. Image Credits: Collective-Evolution 1. It was the fifth month in the ear. A religion with deep political convictions, Rastafarianism began in the slums of Jamaica in the s and 30s. October 29, Please try again later. These scary and creepy facts about each zodiac sign are an interesting read.

Think you know the zodiac well? Learned anything from reading the horoscopes? Take this quiz and see where your Astrology knowledge stands. Virgos are the 6th sign of the zodiac signs.

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Just as Woodward and Bernstein knocked on many doors and made many phone calls and met many very odd people, so do the cops and Graysmith walk down strange pathways in their investigation. A Gemini man is a child and a grownup, all in one person. Unconsciously, we exhibit certain creepy behaviors at some point in our lives. The Zodiac : is an imaginary belt-shaped region in the heavens, 16[deg] broad, or 18[deg] broad, in the middle of which is the ecliptic, or sun's path.

Constellation names and zodiac signs As the Earth rotates, the sun, the moon and planets travel on a set path through the sky known as the ecliptic. Weird Things. Astrologers claim that the moon has the same effect. The Full Moon in Aquarius says, "Your weird wish is my command.

Facts About The Libra Zodiac Sign That Explain These Peaceful, Intellectual People Perfectly

Halley's Comet is estimated to be 4. We post about horoscope, astrology, stars, love compatibility and more. Astrology is art because interpretation is needed to bring the different aspects together and formulate an idea of the individual's character traits. Here is a list of some facts about personality traits and zodiac signs, which may be strange to people who don't know much about the astrological signs.

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They value their freedom over everything else and hence, they guard their independence fiercely. They're clever folks, and are known to have a tenacious stubborn streak but that's not true of all Aquarians. Let us read down quick facts of our Zodiac Women. The answer is a universal number, so this is what our zodiac signs are for each one of us.

Once studied, experienced,and put to practice, one can begin to understand how useful astrology can be in many areas of life, not being hemmed in by black and white facts that require explanation. There are currently known monkey species.

Twenty interesting facts about astrology: Seventy-five per cent of astrology readers are women, according to a study by the website, stariq. Keep the five weird facts about Virgo in bed firmly in mind before you get into a physical relationship with Virgo. The constellations of Virgo and Libra shine side by side in the celestial sky. Vedic astrology can be traced thousands of years back.

Their willingness to give themselves emotionally lends to an aura of quiet empathy. What you long believed was your astrological sign may not be your astrological sign. Taurus: April 20th — May 20th. Reblog This Post Via zodiacmind. From atmospheric composition to rotation, these two planets are extremely similar.

We worked on bringing something really innovative and entertaining for our users in such a way to improve user's browsing experience through a lot of different astrological signs facts, horoscope, astrology and numerology aspects birthday related. Here are some very interesting facts about Water-Bearers who ironically belong to one of the three air signs. Gemini Traits: Gemini-born are cheerful, tactful, enthusiastic, diplomatic, versatile, witty, possess sharp intellect and they thrive on communication. But how are you according to your Zodiac Sign?

In this book you'll see: different squads, responds, and facts about your S random signs zodiac. What do you think? The Hindu astrology that involves the study of celestial bodies during the birth of an individual determines the zodiac sign by the position of the moon on a zodiac sign. The reason it makes text glitchy is because unicode has a special notation for diacritic marks those strange little symbols that are above or below characters that you see in French, Spanish, mathematics notations, etc.

Here's a list of 10 interesting facts about stars; some you might already know, and few that are going to be new. The planets were almost on a straight line. I'm Flower Tea and I'm gonna be reacting to assumptions or facts about my zodiac sign. There may also be intense sexual enjoyment. Aries: You understated as much as anyone can understand where another is coming from and that counts for more than you may think. Left-handers are more likely to display symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder after watching a clip from a scary movie than right-handers.

Judicial astrology foretells the destinies of individuals and nations, while Natural astrology predicts changes of weather and the influence of the stars upon natural things. Zodiac film Zodiac tells the story of the manhunt for the Zodiac Killer, a serial killer who called himself the "Zodiac" and killed in and around the San Francisco Bay Area during the late s and early s, taunting police with letters, bloodstained clothing, and ciphers mailed to newspapers.

As these are general descriptions, you might consider consulting a psychic experienced in astrology to get a tailored reading for you and your potential lover. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and is also one of the most vibrant and active signs. Let us know discover strange facts about Aquarius:.

Aquarius Social Anxiety

Aquarius Zodiac sign of the water bearer is symbolic of their sign actually. The advent of the internet has only fueled it's propagation by making available a staggering volume of free resources easily found through a simple google search. The name September comes from the old Roman word 'septem', which means seven, because in the Roman calendar it was the seventh month.

Aspects are important in analyzing a horoscope because they seem to make the two connected planets function together or be linked. The astrologer notices the tone of the letter, it gives the idea that the lady is a little suspicious of her husband that perhaps he is not being true to her. Here are 10 interesting facts about this important and popular holiday. Through a series of cryptic letters he sent to the press and others, he disclosed his motivation for the killings, offered clues to future murder plots, and adopted the nickname Zodiac.

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  • Each of the 12 zodiac sign meanings can be found in these myths, along with their origins. The invention of x-ray has done wonders in the field of medicine. Some True Facts About Astrology. Changeable and witty, he is someone you don't want to see when he settles down and gains weight. Under such fortuitous signs of courage, strength and renewal, and with either of two very different but very powerful zodiac signs, March is indeed a wonderful month to be born in. A Profile of the Pisces Personality Type In order to fully understand the key characteristics and traits of the Pisces personality we first need to reflect on the key elements that make up the Pisces star sign.

    But they seldom rush or hurry. Are you completely confused? You're not alone. There's a frustrating inconsistency to this Sun sign that puzzles themselves as much as it does others. To truly understand Libra, you must understand the riddle of the scales; one side heaped high with October's vivid, golden leaves, suggesting brisk, autumn weather - the other side holding sky blue bunches of shy violets, drenched in the fresh scent of April rain.

    When the scales dip, bright optimism turns into silent panic, weighed down with lonely depression. When they balance, they produce a perfect harmony between his rich, crackling intellect and his affectionate, sympathetic heart. The seasons hold Libra's secret. Winter is too cold for him. Summer is too hot. He must blend them both into a perfect fall and spring. Libra unknown. Type error in the definition of Libra instead of October 20 , it's October Thank you!

    It is said that Librans should switch attitudes with Capricornians because their look matches them well. Libras look like they haven't a care in the world, but will most likely be the one to run in the burning building to save the trapped and left-behind. They LOVE the lucrative and luxurious! But that doesn't mean they won't give over recieving. Libras have these overwhelming personalities that sometimes lead others the wrong way.

    Some people don't like Libras because they "seem full of themselves. Librans love people. They love to cheer others up. They can seem annoying, but just don't let them know that you think that. They'll want to hide and cry.